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jon posted Feb 13 at 8:36 am
Wondering how cold Sweden is to do a semester for. I like hot weather but really want to push myself away from my comfort zone. So was thinking to travelling to Sweden during my Erasmus, rather than the more popular Spain.

Can anyone tell me how hard it is to deal with the cold weather of Sweden?

recent by GarryD  ·  6 days ago at 1:22 pm
Want to know if anyone knows if there is a big financial difference between studying somewhere like the UK, Germany, France compared to Hungary, Romania, Serbia when it comes to money require.

Obviously the cost of living should be lower right, meaning need less money to afford it?

I want to go abroad or on Erasmus later this year. I'm from France - is it too late to apply? Has someone out there got some info for me about the deadlines for each grant and for each university?

I have enough cash saved and also have got top marks at my home country university studying Business.

admin posted Feb 13 at 6:20 am
All the latest from Brexit and how it impacts Erasmus:

Theresa May has promised MPs a final, decisive vote on her Brexit deal with the EU - but not until she has secured changes to the Irish backstop clause.

The PM said she needed "some time" to get the changes she believes MPs want.

She promised to update MPs again on 26 February and, if she had not got a new deal by then, to give th
recent by jon  ·  Feb 13 at 8:08 am
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