24th December, 2020

Extremely Disappointing: Britain Pulls Out Of The Erasmus+ Program

# Turing# Mobililty

Great Britain will no longer participate in the Erasmus Programme. The announcement was made on Christmas Eve by the Boris Johnson Administration. Stu...

17th November, 2020

How Internship Grants Can Help You Solve The Erasmus Covid-19 Opportunity Problem

# Internships

Push through the crowds. Quit all the stalling. Your grasp on internship grants will i...

12th October, 2020

3 Major Challenges Erasmus Students Need To Overcome Post Covid-19

# Reopening# Online Education

You've come to the right place if you are looking for expertise in post Covid-19. Soon you will have...

24th September, 2020

How Student Mobility Will Restart In the New World After Pandemic

# pandemic# student mobility

It's no surprise that post pandemic study is currently a very topical issue in relation...

25th August, 2020

Why Border Closures Are Causing Havoc With Student Mobility

# Student Mobility

Already the wheel has spun back to this. No need for a panic attack. The following material on bor...

13th May, 2020

The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Erasmus Program

# Erasmus 2021# Online Learning

Get in there. Place your phone on silent. Get yourself up to speed and feel comfortab...

18th April, 2020

Start Planning For Your 2021 Erasmus Program Exchange

# Planning# Closures# Self Isolation

You've earned this. Every cloud has a silver lining. Alleviate the grey hairs ...

8th April, 2020

Social Distancing Advice For Those On Erasmus Exchange During Coronavirus

# Erasmus# Self Isolation# Coronavirus

Do the right thing. Park what you are doing and read this. Have some points ...

15th March, 2020

Erasmus Students Currently Dealing With The Coronavirus Threat

# Coronavirus# pandemic

What a shock. Don't be defeated. Let's turn you into a raging bull when it comes to

11th March, 2020

5 Proven Methods To Getting A European Scholarship Revealed

# Grants# Study Abroad

Close the door behind you. You've used up all your excuses. The next few minutes reading could

8th March, 2020

3 Outcomes of Brexit on the future of the Erasmus Program

# United Kingdom# Erasmus

Are you listening? Be the first to know. Shortly you will gain enough expertise to inform o...