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The programme is aimed at cross-border cooperation between states to aid the growth of international studying, and with over 4000 students involved in the programme at any one time it offers an excellent chance of experience abroad.

How to get started

You can apply for Erasmus through your home institution. Contact your university or college’s Erasmus manager or coordinator. It will be the person deciding on all the the Erasmus places for every course and subject area. It is encouraged to have applications all completed online between October & February. If you are lucky enough to get a placement, the university will contact your host university to formally nominate you to study there. After that, you will be contacted by letter, phone call or email by your host university and provided with all the detailed information about confirming admission.

It will differ upon your university, however the vast majority should apply by means of their specialisation, vocation ambition or the abroad exchange office at their university. It's dependent upon you to get in contact with the proper individual and guarantee that you are advanced for an Erasmus offer.

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