Erasmus+ Programme And Brexit: What You Need To Know

BREAKING: Britain Pulls Out Of Erasmus Program

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Take a deep breath. Throw all your assumptions about Brexit out the window. Get yourself up to speed and feel comfortable on the topic of Brexit. Take control of your knowledge about Brexit.

What is Brexit?

In the world of Erasmus Programme, Brexit is a key part of the conversation.

So why is there so much fuss about it?

The answer requires some detailed examination.

Brexit is the term given to the process where Britain has voted via a general referendum to leave the European Union. This means that many agreements and policies that it adopts from being part of the EU will now be changed.

And Erasmus+ is one of those areas.

With that in mind, the affect it has on Erasmus Programme can be more easily unpacked.

All the information we know about Brexit has been collated and presented for you.

So let us see what you will discover.

A large surge of online users are currently seeking further information about Brexit.

Understanding the situation

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who deals with Erasmus Programme day in day out.

Quickly say the first words that you associate with Brexit.

Visa, Blocks, Travel Freedom, Work Abroad, Rejection?

Who knows, maybe you will be writing your own article about Brexit in the near future.

We are going to make this very easy for you.

Let's start with the following.

UK is keen to continue

To begin, it is best to start with a firm understanding of the following.

It was reported by the Department of Education in the UK that they are indeed willing to continue to be part of the Erasmus Programme.

A spokesperson for the UK department of education says: “The government is committed to continuing the academic relationship between the UK and the EU, including through the next Erasmus programme if it is in our interests to do so".

This would indicate that the future looks bright.

That's the first point.

One down. What's next.


Parliament voted against the motion to change the European Union withdrawal, or “Brexit” bill, by 344 votes to 254.

This relates to Erasmus+ quite directly. Many media outlets are reporting this as the end of the Erasmus Programme for the UK. But if you read on to the next point, you will see why this won't be the case.

Let's take a look at that.

Money. Of course.

The numbers don't lie

The Erasmus Programme generates a great deal of revenue for both the UK Government, Tourism UK and also the Universities and Institutions themselves. It also remains a big draw card and promotional point for attracting potential students to their schools.

This will undoubtedly be the main reason that the UK will seek to stay in Erasmus+ as a Partner, despite leaving the EU.

That is undeniable.

Considering the whole picture, it's clear there is more to learn.

It also goes far in explaining just why Brexit is such a topical issue in regards to Erasmus Programme.

So you now have a different perspective.

Keep hope of a UK exchange

And there you have it.

We now know a lot more about Brexit than when we started.

Write down any additional thoughts you have on Brexit.

For now, this is a great starting point for you.

It's never dull when talking about Brexit.

Will Brexit continue to be a much discussed topic?

If only we could predict what will happen next.

There are likely to be more questions than answers that arise.

Food for thought.

Almost forgot.

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