Get a Scholarship

Moving abroad to study can often be an expensive adventure to embark on. Tuition fees, accommodation, living costs, and so many other things usually make it impossible for lots of students to even dream of a degree in another country.

Investment in you

However, some students are so talented and show so much potential, that numerous institutions across the world want to invest in these young people and help them fulfil their dreams. Scholarships make the world a better place for students. And here are some Scholarships in the world that will help you to study abroad for free.

The Erasmus programme shares one vision: to promote international student mobility. The programme was born from 7 other existing EU sponsorship, and provides students, teachers and institutions across Europe with €15 billion over the course of 7 years.

If you are interested in applying for other scholarships that are different to the Erasmus Grant, please search for the scholarships on the study abroad page.

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