Outcome of Erasmus

At the end of all this, what is the benefit to me? How will the Erasmus experience help me in the future?

A global edge

Anyone looking to study abroad should consider the Erasmus exchange programme for it offers excellent opportunities among EU member states for foreign study schemes. With a choice of scholarships and various courses available Erasmus is one of the most popular of the many exchange schemes available.

There are some UK university courses and those that are on offer in other countries that include an overseas module and these also make good sense. With a foreign exchange segment on a CV there is plenty to be said for taking in the Erasmus scheme or other option for foreign study, and it can only serve to enrich the life experience of the student in the long run.

Employers loves international experience

As an addition to your CV, foreign work is very much an option and looks excellent to potential employers. It also offers an excellent opportunity to expand your experience with foreign languages, something that is ever more important in these days of multi-national commerce.

Search the internet for possible overseas job offers and you will find a choice that offers you plenty of scope.

Bottom line

This experience is incredible. You will never do anything else in your life that is even close to the Erasmus Experience. Just go and do it while you can. It may not always be around so use it. You will definitely not regret it.

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