Don't have the funds to study abroad? Looking for a way to keep costs down? You're in luck. There are so many options for universities with abroad study programs via obtaining a scholarship. Even as an addition to your Erasmus Grant.

Get funded by Your University

It's simple. But it takes initiative. You really need to do your research on each university you are considering. And you also need to be strategic. You can read below about how to increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Go straight to their website and look for the study abroad or international students section of their website. Almost everything you will need to know will be found in this part of the site.

You may even be able to apply directly through the website.

Why Scholarships are offered

Universities will always advertise their abroad study or exchange programs as they are looking to brag about how many international students they boast at their institution. It adds to the prestige of the school.

Most Universities have some form of student exchange program if not a fully fledged study abroad program. So if you cannot find any relevant information on this through website then it is best to get in touch with them by either visiting them at the school, contacting them through their supplied telephone number, or via social media.

Emailing is fine too, however this is the most popular method and often the international scholarships office becomes flooded with emails. Some may never even get a response as there are just too many.

How to get a University Scholarship

First things first, you need to be a decent student. You can't expect scholarships to land in your lap if you are consistently failing all your subjects. You need to be on top of things.

Here are the keys to getting a scholarship:

  1. Write a cover letter explaning why you deserve the scholarship.
  2. Have good grades in the period leading up to the application.
  3. Be polite and professional in your dealings with the school.
  4. Show strong communication skills.
  5. Display something unique about yourself to set you apart from other applicants.
  6. Have outside of school interests and hobbies.
  7. Choose a scholarship that isn't widely advertised or known about. This increases your chance.
  8. Show passion in your discipline.

With that in mind, there are many other factors that will impact your chances of getting a scholarship.

But you are probably to keen to start by first obtaining the Erasmus Grant.


First Step: Get a Scholarship

The Erasmus Grant