Study Abroad

There are thousands of study abroad programs. The best way to find a list of them is to go to the universities located in the country that you are interested in and see if you can find a list of the institutions in there.

Make it relevant to your career

You may need to compromise where you want to go with where your course is actually available.

For example, they may have a commerce program at one school in the city but not at the school you want to attend. If this it the case, then there is nothing you can do, so just go to where the course is available.

The trip itself and the experiences you have will be the reward you get from the abroad trip, so don't get worried or feel bad if you cannot find a matching course at your preferred institution.

Remember, the trip is all about the people you meet and the life long memories, the buildings and location are secondary.

Free study abroad programs

Free abroad study programs can be found at many government funded and private institutions. In fact, there are loads of them and some do not even require that you have any experience whatsoever to get into the courses.

Jonkoping in Sweden is free for students locally and from within the EU. This means you can choose what course you are wanting to do and not be worried about the loans or long term financial implications this may have on you life.

You will still need living costs and money to buy textbooks with, however in this ever digitising world alot of the coursework can be found online which saves you a lot of money you can use elsewhere.

It should also be noted that these free places are generally organised without consulting a home university. You should just get directly in touch with the abroad institution and try to organise it directly with them.

Degree collector

This can be a great way to do a second degree as you can work part time while you are studying at a free university having fun with students!