Who can apply?

So, are you a potential applicant? Do you meet the requirements? Let’s find out now.

Can you go on Erasmus

Eligibility for Erasmus dictates that you must be in higher education, studying an official degree or diploma and have successfully completed your initial first year. And then, the biggest benefit of Erasmus is that you are not required to pay extra tuition fees or payments to the university you end up attending. How good it that!. Secondly, you can apply to receive a grant for your study placement. This can be around €250 and €400 a month.

Further, a grant of €400 is paid to those students who decide to study their Erasmus scheme in a country that is not as popular as others. Think Eastern Europe or regional places. At the moment,  if you stay a full academic year using an Erasmus scheme, you are exempt from paying tuition fees to your home university or college that you originally came from.

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