Working Abroad

Jobs with abroad study programs are surprisingly easy to find. Despite this though, they are highly competitive to get into. As most students are looking for a part time job, there is heavy competition for these places.

Hit the ground running

It is hard to line these jobs up before you are actually in the country. It is better to just go direct to the country and look for the jobs once you are there. But be wary that 100 other students will have the same plan as you and will have found the same job you have and are eager to get it.

Another way to work while you are abroad is to tech your native language to students who will pay you for this service. It will not be great money, but it still creates a good source of income.

Further, you can find work volunteering at the University. Even though you will not be paid for the work, you may find other rewards such as free food, coffee or trips.