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The friends and memories last a lifetime. The Erasmus exchange program is one of the greatest culture and character building programs that you can have in your whole life. This directory is designed to help you explore your potential Erasmus destinations and be informed before you go.

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Jonkoping University

Jonkoping, Sweden

Jonkoping University is organised as a foundation that conducts research and offers undergraduate studies, graduate studies, doctoral studies and contract education through four schools.

At Jonkoping University, we offer a focused and inspiring environment for higher education, research and innovative projects developed in collaboration with the wider society. Our focus is both local and global.

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Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur

Paris, France

Internationalisation is now a necessary element that everyone must address. Our travels, our friends, our professional activities, everything is directly or indirectly linked to the rest of the world.

Europe is already smaller space for us: with the same currency, wider borders, free trade agreement...the whole world is accessible thanks to transportation and communication tools. | 2010 | | DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed here represent advice & no reponsibilty is taken for them.